TRAPA Security

Our Mission


Advance cybersecurity awareness and talent cultivation across governments, enterprises, and communities for better societal information security.

What we do


Train in cybersecurity awareness, utilizing practical drills and hands-on labs to develop cybersecurity personnel and developers in blue teams.

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Research the latest vulnerability exploitation techniques, persistently pushing the boundaries to uncover severe vulnerabilities with global impact.

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About us

TRAPA Security is a cybersecurity startup established in 2020
composed of seasoned SOC team members, PSIRT members, and vulnerability researchers.

Conference Presentation

Present our research at conferences like Black Hat USA, POC, and HITCON, sharing our findings and expertise with industry professionals to contribute to the advancement of cybersecurity knowledge and practices.

Bug Hunting

Report vulnerabilities to well-known vendors, with team members recognized in the Samsung Mobile Hall of Fame and MSRC MVSR, and secure third place in Pwn2Own Tokyo 2020.

Capture the Flags

Participate in major international CTF competitions as the HITCON CTF Team, achieve multiple second-place finishes at DEF CON CTF, and serve as the organizer for HITCON CTF from 2015 to 2021.