TRAPA Security

Blue Team Exercises


Addressing the biggest weakness in cybersecurity - the human.

An immersive, hands-on cybersecurity simulation designed to challenge, educate, and prepare your blue team.

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  • Virtualized Enterprise Environment

    Emulate real-world setups with our complete enterprise simulation including DMZ, Firewall, AD, Mail Server and File Server.

  • Realistic APT Attack & SOC Room

    Experience genuine cyber threats with our realistic APT attacks, covering tactics like exploit, lateral movement, tunneling, and data exfiltration, all within a virtual SOC room.

  • Integration of MITRE ATT&CK and NIST NICE

    Harness the power of leading industry frameworks with MITRE ATT&CK and NIST NICE KSAs, ensuring your team is trained according to the latest cybersecurity standards.

  • Independent Noise Simulation

    Mimic the unpredictable nature of cyberspace with our noise simulation that includes random internet attacks (like port scanning, spam mails, and vulnerability scanning) and typical user behaviors (such as internet surfing, checking email, and accessing file servers).